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Website Overhaul

We are currently going through our website and restructuring it a bit. We’re also cleaning up some of the pages and fixing old or outdated content. The overall look and feel of the site will not change but we hope to have more content that is easily accessible like individual pages with bios from all of the shows with archives and more relevant information for our fans. The live streams will not be affected by this and the website should be available through the duration but some links may become temporarily broken and parts of the site may act up until we are finished. Thanks for listening to Slam Internet Radio and making this past month undoubtedly one of the biggest months ever for the station!

Joshua Modaressi 1980-2012

It is with great sadness that I inform all of our Slam Internet Radio fans, friends and family that Joshua Modaressi, SlamIR’s founder and president passed away earlier this morning. We are all very saddened by this event. Josh was instrumental in the early stages of Slam Internet Radio’s development. He was the face of our organization as “The Original Fat Guy” and he will be missed greatly. The Joshua Modaressi Memorial page has been set up to carry on his memory. Here at Slam Internet Radio, we don’t plan to go anywhere. We feel as a testament to his hard work that we will carry on as usual and hope to have many new and exciting things for the future. Rest in Peace Josh. You’ll always be in our hearts here at Slam Internet Radio.

Finally See Photos of Slam Internet Radio’s Trip to GenCon Indy on our Flicker Page!

Sorry for the long over do wait for our pictures from GenCon Indy 2012 from this past August. We had over 1000 pictures and we didn’t know which to choose. We put up a 182 right now and we plan to release more in the next few days. Check out these great photos for yourself to see how much fun we had in Indy.

Slam Internet Radio is now on Itunes!

Slam Internet Radio has finally joined Itunes! You can find all of our current shows/Podcasts in our Itunes store and on our Spreaker page. All of our downloads are free and feel free to download them as many times as you would like.  “Todays is a great day! We have been moving towards this for three years and we feel now is the right time to add Itunes availability for our listeners and customers.” said CEO Joshua Modaressi.  Now with Itunes label under our belt we feel that we can compete with an other radio station in the country.  To find us on Itunes search either SlamIR or Slam Internet Radio.